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  • Put an aromatherapy in your home in winter
  • Editor:Hangzhou Xingxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2018-11-30 18:42 Click:
In Britain, 80% of households use aromatherapy. British women think aromatherapy makes them feel happy; British men think aromatherapy makes them feel more relaxed. Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living quality and the use of aromatherapy, many people don’t know how to choose it. Now let Xiaolei help you!

After winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, and more and more people choose to stay at home. In the cold winter, nesting at home is the best way to relax.


There are many ways to relax at home, and different people often prefer different ways to relax, but in many ways, Xiaobian only likes aromatherapy, returns home after a busy day and relieves the fatigue of the next day. Put aside the disturbances outside, nest on the soft and comfortable sofa, light an aromatherapy, watch a movie, catch-up play or read a favorite book, let the restless heart, slowly quiet down, enjoy a person’s time alone. However, there are many kinds of aromatherapy on the market, and the quality of aromatherapy varies. What kind of aromatherapy should we choose?

Aromatherapy can be roughly divided into two types: heated aromatherapy and non-fire aromatherapy. The two types have their own merits. Different types of aromatherapy are suitable for different scenarios.

Heating aromatherapy has the advantages of strong aroma and obvious effect, which can make the indoor fragrance overflow immediately. The disadvantage is that the use time is short, there is open fire, there are some potential safety hazards. Suitable for creating atmosphere and mood. The aromatherapy candle is probably the most romantic kind of aromatherapy, lighting an aromatherapy candle, watching the light shadows of the candle shake slightly in the air, emitting a warm dim light, carrying a quiet elegant aroma, occupying all your senses, leaving you the most relaxed feeling. In the coming winter, let the warm candlelight accompany you through every cold winter night ~